Gernot Rohr recommends to Avoid Money Spending on Players that are on Vacations

Gernot Rohr does not think that the money should be wasted on those players who come to the national camp only to have a bit of a vacation and have nothing to do during a match apart from remaining seated on the bench.

In the view of Rohr, the second and the third choice players should be good enough to put pressure on the starters and the starters must know that they can only remain ahead of their understudies if they shine match after match.

Otherwise if the starters don’t have any challenge for their places, they will never be afraid of a sack and thus, they might drop their guard which might lead to a weak team effort.

Rohr, a consultant for Nigeria, was quoted saying, “I have noticed that the national duty is nothing more than a vacation trip for a few of the players. They are given the money for their services, but, do they even have to provide their services? I don’t think so.”

“Tell me if any country is picking club discards apart from us? No. That’s pointless. You would leave them unused, then why to dish out the money for no service?”

“We will avoid calling up any that type of player now because with their fitness, they are never going to get anywhere close to playing. So, it basically turns out to be a vacation to be frank.”

“And if you see it from the other perspective, the starters also have got to feel some competition. You want them to look over their shoulders, to feel unsafe in the XI as they would naturally try and raise their game then. But, with nobody threatening their place, it can give rise to negligence and recklessness.”