Kenya to host Africa Nations Championship

The CAF president IssaHiyatou has stated that it would be a good idea for Kenya to host the National Championship.

He believes that the country has the necessary skills and resources to host such a competition and that it would bring benefit to the nation.

IssaHiyatou said that he has discussed with the Kenyan authorities about the benefits of hosting the Africa Nations Championship on their soil. He stated that the Kenya youth would take advantage of the opportunity to display their talent before the world.

He said that the locals will also be given an opportunity to show their talents in the footballing world if ever Kenya accepts to host the competition. IssaHiyatou believes that the local economy will also come out as a winner.

Kenya’s deputy president Ruto said that the country is doing everything they can in order to be ready on time. He said that construction work is going on at all the different stadiums and that they are working hard to ensure that all infrastructures are ready for the tournament.

Ruto said that it was a big honor for Kenya to host the tournament and they want to show the Africa continent that they can handle such a tournament. He said that it was an opportunity to show Kenya’s potential and that they want to make it a success.

Ruto said that they want to improve the result on the pitch as well. He admitted that there had been some mismanagement in the past that has ruined the football level, but he wants to make sure that thing changes. He said that the government is committed to bringing change in the world of football and that they have already started working on a plan to improve their level of football.