Micho Sredojevic not happy with Recent Coach Recruitment

Micho Sredojevic is not happy that he has been named coach by a top division team in Sudan while he is contracted to Uganda Federation.

The talks of Sredojevic returning to Sudan had been going on for quite a bit of time in the media, but, the Serb always denied them.

But, all of a sudden, there was an announcement made on a social networking site yesterday by Al Hilal that they had grabbed Sredojevic’s services.

Not only did that surprise the Uganda fans, it stunned Sredojevic as well.

According to Sredojevic, if he ever has to quit his job at Uganda, he would do that in dignified fashion.

Clarifying himself on that Al Hilal announcement, Sredojevic said, “There are ways to do things. You have to act professionally and respect other parties. There is no chance that I would leave my current post without talking to the people who appointed me. It’s also my responsibility to inform the media if I take any such step.”

“I can assure you that I have not signed for any club from any country. I am still the head coach of Uganda and I hope to hold my position for the whole period of my contract.”

“I had been asked by the president if was totally committed to Uganda or just coming here to put impressions on some of the clubs around Africa and I was pretty clear that it was not about cash for me. I wanted to make Uganda an improved team and my stand is still the same. I am quite keen to keep working for the betterment of Uganda Football as long as I can.”

Sredojevic has been the Uganda head coach since 2013. He had been in charge of Rwanda before that.